Riau Islands Province, 13rd of January, 2022. A national tourism education webinar titled “INDONESIA TOURISM VOCATIONAL WEBINAR” Job Opportunities in the Tourism Industry . Link and Match in the Tourism Industrial will be held on Tuesday 18 January 2022 at 14:00 pm onward. Through the Zoom application.

National speakers from industry and education will participate in this webinar, including Hadi Sutrisno, SE, MM, CHA – Chairperson of the Association of Indonesia Tourism Vocational Schools, DR.N.Rusmiati, M.Si – Chairperson of ASITA, Fetra Rusmaidi – Chairperson of Indonesia Hotel General Manager (Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies ), Nursya’bani M,Pd is the principal of SMKN 2 Batam in the Riau Islands Province, a national flagship Vacation School.

Prof. DR. Sufyarma Marsidin M.Pd from Padang State University will be the Keynote Speaker. Dr. Muhs Dali, MM – Expert Staff of the Governor of Riau Islands Province Government and Law – Head of the Riau Islands Province Education Office for 2018-2021 will kick off the webinar. Sumantri Endang, founder of, and students from Padang State University’s master of education academy will moderate the webinar.

“INDONESIA TOURISM VOCATIONAL WEBINAR” Job Openings in the Tourism Industry. Link and Match in the Industrial World reflects the advancement of vocational education in Indonesia, particularly in the tourism sector. Some of the “highlights” of the discussion material concern the preparedness of a tourism vocational school. Commitment from the hospitality tourism industry and travel agents to make this program a reality! What steps can be taken to make competency mandatory for tourism vocational school students? A quiz will be held at the end of the webinar, with the winner receiving attractive prizes. This webinar event sponsored by Singhasari Hotel Malang, Meca Tour Batam and Miss Tourism Worldwide beauty pageant Singapore

We cordially invite you to attend you all the Hotel General Manager’s, Owner and Manager of Travel Agents, Human Resources in the Tourism Industry, Tourism Vocational School Lecturers, or Tourism Vocational School Students to participate in this webinar and reap as much benefit as possible.

“INDONESIA TOURISM VOCATIONAL WEBINAR”  “Job Opportunities in the Tourism Industry. Link and Match in the Industrial World organized by Fusion Adventure Hospitality Management in collaboration with ASSOCIATIONS of INDONESIAN SMK, IHGM, ASITA, UNP, BATAM SMK 2, and RIAU ISLANDS PROVINCE.

Webinar is now available for sponsorship and will be used to administer a quiz to participants. For more information, please visit  or contact Sumantri via WhatsApp at +628127027418.