Batam, 27 January 2022. DPD ASITA (Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies) Riau Islands Province carried out a mass circumcision and distribution of prayer equipment and basic necessities on Thursday 27 January 2022 at Bagan Village as part of the 51st ASITA Anniversary. Tanjung Piayu Village is located in the Sei Beduk District of Batam City, Riau Islands Province.

Head of the Riau Islands Province Tourism Office, Lurah Tanjung Piayu, Chair of ASITA KEPRI DPD, Chair of the Committee, community leaders, administrators, and members of ASITA KEPRI DPD and the surrounding community were present at the “Mass Circumcision in the Framework of ASITA’s 51st Anniversary.”

This event is in conjunction with ASITA’s 51st anniversary,’ said Eva Betty,

In his speech, Mr. Haryono, a local community leader, stated, “ASITA’s activity is extraordinary; we, the people of Bagan village, thank you very much.” ‘This mass circumcision activity is in conjunction with ASITA’s 51st anniversary,’ said Eva Betty, Chairperson of the ASITA KEPRI. We would like to thank the Committee’s Chairman, Mr. Kamarudin, and his entire team, the Tanjung Piayu Village Head and his staff, community leaders, sponsors, and community members. Asita and everyone who helped make today’s ASITA event a success.

Tapuk Tepuk Tawar is a sacred procession used in traditional Malay cultural ceremonies

Meanwhile, Mr. Buralimar M.S.i, Head of the Riau Islands Tourism Office, stated, “We congratulate ASITA on its 51st anniversary, and we will continue to develop tourism, advance, and enliven Riau Islands as an international and national tourist destination.” Mass circumcision is a very beneficial activity for the people of Batam City, and we thank you and congratulate ASITA on its 51st anniversary on behalf of the government. Hopefully, ASITA will be able to transform Bagan Village into a village supported by tourist villages, resulting in economic growth in this village.

Malay cultural Symbol

On another occasion, Dr. N. Rusmiati MSi, General Chair of the National ASITA DPP, stated that “we will welcome the revival of tourism again.” ASITA will remain at the forefront of promoting Indonesian tourism. Thank you to Mrs. Eva Betty, Chair of the DPD ASITA Kepri, and all of its members for keeping the spirit of spreading kindness alive.

In collaboration with the medical team of Embung Fatimah Hospital, 51 children from Tanjung Piayu participated in the mass circumcision event as part of ASITA’s 51st Anniversary.

Aside from facilitating free circumcision, ASITA also provided basic food assistance and a set of prayer tools to participants in the Ramadan holy month. The clapping of fresh flour by the Chairperson of the Malay Traditional Institute, Sunai Beduk District, is one of the event’s unique features.Tapuk Tepuk Tawar is a sacred procession used in traditional Malay cultural ceremonies.Patting fresh flour is customarily done at official or traditional leader inaugurations, marriages, and circumcisions. Plain flour is poured out as a symbol of joy and gratitude for the success, intent, event, or intention to be carried out.

For more information, please contact ASITA – PR and International Relations at 08127027418.